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Working with Lauren was an absolute delight. She was full of incredible energy and presence. I felt so safe and cared for during my session with her. She helped me access beliefs I’ve been holding for decades that were absolutely holding me back in every aspect of my life. I am so grateful for the transformation I’ve experienced as a result of working with her. I would highly recommend you work with Lauren if you’re wanting to go deep and get real results. Thank you Lauren for helping me take a giant step toward living my best life!!!

Christy M, Acupuncturist, TX

Working with Lauren was such a wonderful experience. From the moment I contacted her, her friendly and professional manner put me at ease. During our initial call, Lauren listened attentively and compassionately to exactly what I wanted from my session and what was holding me back.

During the session, Lauren‘s skill and her compassion made it so easy for me to see exactly what it was that was keeping me feeling stuck. I absolutely loved the process and I especially liked listening to Lauren‘s recording. She tailored it to exactly what I wanted and it was definitely made me feel like the changes would stick. And, the good news is, they have.

RTT and Lauren changed my life in the most wonderful way. I am so grateful for having found her.

Kristen, (Germany)

I came to Lauren with a swallowing issue that took all my focus and attention. I could no longer ignore the issue. She helped me in my time of need and guided me to see the connections to gain awareness of my anxiety. I was able to release old limiting beliefs that had a strong hold over me. She created a recording that replaced old beliefs with new worthier ones. Lauren is a kind, professional easy to open up to. I highly recommend Lauren. She is definitely someone you want to work with. Thank you, Lauren. You changed my life!

Cheryl, (TX)

I had a great experience with Lauren. She definitely knows her stuff and has the ability to guide you to uncover the underlying root causes of your issues, and then help release negative beliefs and really empower you and set you free. She is professional and empathetic, and I really enjoyed working with her.

Zaynab, (Canada)

You have blessed our family!

I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to her mental health.

Not only had she lost her love of the game after the past two years, but I too had become bitter and angry at the sport as a whole.

With your assistance and a clear mind, she has jumped into the league play with an open mind and remembered who she was! I haven’t seen her play with such joy, visible joy on her face since she was a little girl. It has been such a wonderful transformation.

Christine, (TX) - Client's Mom

RTT with Lauren is TRULY transformational. She is kind, compassionate & it is apparent that she truly cares about helping AND she DELIVERS! :)

When I went to Lauren, I was not in a good place emotionally. If anyone would have looked at my life, they would have wondered why I was so cranky and unhappy all the time when I had so many wonderful things in my life and reasons to find joy in each day.

For me it was after our first session, about 20 days of listening to the recorded hypnosis when I had the biggest breakthrough. I thought I was happier, but my attentive spouse informed me I was not behaving as though I was. It was then that I realized that my own happiness was not on my priority list & that for years, I’d been afraid to love and be loved because I knew it would mean pain. After all, even in the best relationships, romantic, friendships, familial all of them – there will be painful moments. As a child I had made a decision that I should avoid loving and ‘allowing’ people to love me because it would mean pain. This rocked my world & I am a different person now that I have been made aware of this choice I made at a tender age and am able to choose differently.

How is life different now? In ALL ways. I am happier, my own happiness is a priority and I am more able to not just see that I have things to be grateful for, but to truly feel that gratitude day in & day out. For years I wondered how people managed to ‘get it all done’. While I wouldn’t say that everything that I would like to accomplish is done in the timeline I want – more gets done now in a day than I was able to accomplish before I had a loving spouse & 3 children. Now when there are things on the to-do list that stay there week after week, I don’t sweat it. For years I’ve affirmed and believed that as Lao Tzu puts it “Nature never rushes but everything is accomplished”, but now I live it. I also love myself more, I no longer criticize my own appearance and capabilities like I used to constantly do. Goodbye ‘imposter syndrome’! I also see things more for what they are instead of the story I was telling myself. So when I see something I don’t like I am able to accept it without taking it personally, lumping on guilt or getting depressed about it.

But do the changes last? That is the ultimate question right? It has been 2 months since my last session and I still feel very different – in a GOOD way. My behavior is just different now, my thinking is different. There are still areas I want to improve and I’m not doing everything in the recording that I hope to do – yet. However, I am happy now, I am productive, I am more loving & honestly, I don’t see any of that going anywhere anytime soon. I feel more stable now than I remember ever feeling in my adult life. Thank you Lauren!! You are AMAZING!!”

Kathryn, (TX)

I am a student athlete at the University of Kansas. I play collegiate softball at Kansas, and with that comes great responsibility and mental toughness. I will be a Junior this year, and I’d like to share part of my experience with you. For starters, you can never be fully prepared for the student athlete life prior to college. In all honesty, it can take a toll on not only your physical health, but mental health as well. My freshman year was definitely the most mentally challenging year I’ve ever experienced. I struggled with confidence and felt very alone on and off the field, especially since my first year was during COVID-19. I found myself searching for who I used to be, but I could never fully manage to find it. My sophomore year was slightly better, in the sense that I was more comfortable at school, although I still struggled with utilizing my strengths to their fullest potential. Due to the circumstances, I developed slight anxiety and depression and I always thought that I could figure it out myself and that I didn’t need help. But, let me tell you, once I decided to get help, my mindset changed forever.

Before my session with Lauren, I was extremely nervous. I doubted myself and thought that there was no way just one session would fix all my internal issues. But, as we started, we talked about my past and we went into some detail about why I began to think negatively about myself. Quickly, I became very relaxed and started to trust the process that I was about to experience. The session was not only calming and reassuring, but also emotionally challenging. While I was under hypnosis, my body released almost all of my built-up tension and my head was clear for the first time in a while. Once the session ended, I immediately felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and I could feel my presence once again. I started to see change about a week after my session and I could tell I was becoming myself. I now have a mindset that everything is okay. It seems simple, and it is, but actually acknowledging that mindset and living in a way of trust and acceptance for who I am and my abilities has given me a light that protrudes from within me. I am so grateful for Lauren and the work that she does. If it wasn’t for her, I would still be stuck in the mud trying to find my own way out. If you are struggling with any sort of mental block or internal issues, I highly recommend Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Lauren, I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for me!

Katie, (KS)

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