How do I know if I experienced trauma in my childhood?

An adverse childhood can present itself in a multitude of ways. From emotional and physical neglect or abuse to divorce, loss or mental illness in the family – the list goes on and on.

Trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside of you because of what happened to you. It causes toxic stress and impacts brain development and the nervous system which over time can create certain mental and physical ailments.

Take this 23-question quiz to learn if childhood trauma or C-PTSD is present in your life.


Please note: This quiz does not provide diagnoses or treatment for mental or physical issues or disorders. Its objective is to assist you in examining potential symptoms that may arise as an adult because of adverse childhood experiences. This list is by no means exhaustive and is only intended to help you look at your circumstances with curiosity to gain understanding and awareness.

Please consider answering with Yes or No.

I often…

  1. Struggle to set boundaries or say ‘no’
  2. Have difficulty paying attention, retaining or recalling information
  3. Feel scattered brained. I start several things at once & don’t really finish them
  4. Get flustered or upset when I’m trying to complete a task under pressure or in a hurry
  5. Fear being abandoned or alone so I stay in toxic relationships
  6. Fear being rejected in relationships so I overcompensate to keep the person happy OR I avoid getting into meaningful relationships with others
  7. Damage relationships with intense jealousy, outbursts, sadness and/or anger even if these emotions aren’t appropriate
  8. Attract relationships that are toxic, destructive or abusive
  9. Seek people who are not available to have a meaningful relationship with
  10. Find myself in conflict or arguments with family, friends or co-workers
  11. Smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, take drugs or overeat food in an addictive way to help me cope
  12. Feel numb inside OR get angry with myself after a conflict with someone
  13. Feel guilt or shame and not able to forgive myself
  14. Avoid social situations because I find people or groups triggering
  15. Need to separate or isolate myself from groups or leave early
  16. Have physical health issues that no one can explain or help fix
  17. Feel alone, unseen, unheard, unloved even when my friends or family tries to be there for me
  18. Can’t speak what’s on my mind or do what I want because I will be attacked, judged or rejected
  19. Make excuses as to why I can’t do something or why it won’t work when people offer suggestions or help
  20. Blame others for what happens to me
  21. Constantly worry about what could happen
  22. Am on guard in my surroundings to make sure my family and I are safe
  23. Find it difficult to forgive myself and others

If you answered ‘Yes’ to a few of these questions or more, I invite you to schedule a Free 60-minute breakthrough strategy session with me.

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